Sunday, December 04, 2005

Untitled By Pablo Neruda

My life was tinted purple by so much love,
and I veered helter-skelter like a blinded bird
till I reached your window, my friend:
you heard the murmer of a broken heart.

There from the shadows I rose to your breast:
without being or knowing, I flew up the towers of wheat,
I surged to life in your hands,
I rose from the sea to your joy.

No one can reckon what I owe you, Love,
what I owe you is lucid, it is like a root
from Arauco, what I owe you, Love.

Clearly, it is like a star, all that I owe you,
what I owe you is like a well in a wilderness
where time watches over wandering lightning.

I think that what draws me to Pablo Neruda's "love" poems is that they are so different then any other poems about love that they really stand apart. They are a lot more interesting to read just because they are so non-cliche. Another thing that I like about thi poem is that he is directly talking to love instead of talking about it. It brings different sort of perspectie to the poem. Also, the highlighting of the word love draws attention to the words importance.


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