Sunday, December 04, 2005


Spider Crystal Ascension
by Charles Wright

The Spider, juiced crystal and Milky Way, drifts on his web through the night sky
And looks down, waiting for us to ascend...
At dawn he is still there, invisible, short of breath, mending his net.
All morning we look for the white face to rise from the lake like a tiny star.
And when it does, we lie back in our watery hair and rock.

This poem has a very calm tone to it. The author uses words like crystal, Milky, drifts, ascend, dawn, invisible, white, lie and brings together an almost majestic tone. These words draw out slow movement and almost a celestial presence of the spider. This poem is very much an animal poem, or insect poem in this case, and is written quite simply about a spider. The spider is the main event of the poem and its emphasis is felt by being capitalized. Some questions I have about the poem are about the ending. I am unsure of what is going on about the lake and the white face and such. I suppose that the lake could be literal and that the speaker talks about lying in the water and letting the ripples rock the body, but overall it’s a bit hard to understand. Nevertheless, I like the beautiful wording and its portrayal of the majestic spider.


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