Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Traveling Light
by Dabney Stuart

Moving through still time, its opposite
it creates no friction. They are both gifts,
one the infinite eye of the needle
the other threads. Occupies.
Emptiness is full of itself,
a never air, the lens for being.
In the long way of this place,
the afterthought of gasses becomes
what we tune in, its tickless
preoccupation and amaze our present.
If such light made a sound
it would be as if the wide spacewind
formed a bell of itself,
and a smaller wind within, and rang.

The poet uses an intellectual tone of voice through his use of time-related words. He uses words like "moving", "time", "infinite", and "emptiness" which create a transcendant and fleeting kind of feeling. These words make his poem effective in creating this quiet and timeless mood. He always furthers this effect in the use of structure. He creates enjambments and end-stops to control the flow of his poem. He slows the reader down through his periods, but makes sure at the same time that the poem is moving forward and taking passage throughout the stanzas. Overall he does a great job in controlling the flow of his poem and giving the poem an intellectual tone.


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