Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A poem in Each in a Place Apart by James McMichael

It's early March. She doesn't know if we've
changed for her, but she's looking forward to June,
she wants me to go to Idaho without her. I'm afraid to.
She'll like it here too much without me and won't
want me to come home. It may aready have been
weeks ago that I should have seen it, I can't stop watching,
will we make it or not? She doesn't know. Sometimes she's
hopeful that she'll get the spark back, the one I have for her.
Sometimes she thinks she wants another baby. I
can't let her see I'm cheered. Each time's a chance to
show her that her backs and forths don't matter.
If she feels mointored, it will drive her away.
Something in me touches her for a moment. When she
kisses me at Carl's Jr. while I'm standing in line,
I have to look at her. And if it's for
that moment only that she loves me, I can't hide.

It is usually one or two lines that can sell me on an entire poem. I chose this one for the last few lines, "And if it's for that moment only that she loves me, I can't hide." This is a beautiful way for the poet to show, not tell, how he loves the subject of this poem. What makes this stand out from most of the ways to talk about love is that it focuses on such a specific detail, of her kissing him in the line at Carl's Jr. Most people do not associate the line at Carl's Jr. as a moment where one finds love. However, having this specific context is what makes this detail so real. I also like how the speaker expresses his own worry about the relationship through Linda's worry. By talking about how Linda feels, we can tell that the poet is deeply concerned with the future of their relationship. I also like how it ends optimistically. The whole entire poem is about the struggle of keeping their relationship together, but when he ends the poem on this nice moment in Carl's Jr., it sends the message that even though there is all this confusion and hardship now, it has all been worth it for that one moment of love.


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