Saturday, December 03, 2005

Hawk Roosting by Ted Hughes

Hawk Roosting

I sit in the top of the wood, my eyes closed.
Inaction, no falsifying dream
Between my hooked head and hooked feet:
Or in sleep rehearse perfect kills and eat.

The convenience of the high trees!
The air's buoyancy and the sun's ray
Are of advantage to me;
And the earth's face upward for my inspection.

My feet are locked upon the rough bark.
It took the whole of Creation
To produce my foot, my each feather:
Now I hold Creation in my foot

Or fly up, and revolve it all slowly -
I kill where I please because it is all mine.
There is no sophistry in my body:
My manners are tearing off heads -

The allotment of death.
For the one path of my flight is direct
Through the bones of the living.
No arguments assert my right:

The sun is behind me.
Nothing has changed since I began.
My eye has permitted no change.
I am going to keep things like this.

Ted Hughes

Reading this poem made me think of the animal poem assignment that we had to do. This would have been a great poem to plagiarize(jk). What's great about this poem is that I disregarded the title the first time I read it through and it made no sense to me. Even the clues he gives throughout the poem to hint to the reader that it is about a bird didn't really help me. He refers to a hooked head, hooked feet, feathers, and sitting on top of a tree. I really like how he describes how the hawk thinks in terms of kills and killing. That is probably what they actually think about, just where they'll get thier next kill and meal. I really liked this poem because it made it seem like all the hawk thinks about every second of the day is killing, when it is most likely just acting on instinct rather than thinking about anything. But the way this poem portrays the hawks intention makes the hawk seem like a bloodthirsty villian who is more concerned about the killing than eating for survival.


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