Monday, November 28, 2005

week 9 Post 2

The Return, II

My brother thinks it's best to distract my sister,
not ask her about longing and its dirty tricks,
its flirty tricks, her girls

oh, hiding under the sheet waiting to be found,
digging ditches in the dirt,
blowing out the candles-

He holds her up, his arm over her shoulders
so she won't see the eyelashes they leave there,
for luck, like she taught them,
for making wishes that can't be spoken aloud

but I know he hears them,
as she does,
asking the same thing again-

come with us- come with us-

This poem utilizes the past and present tenses to create an image of memories and the pain that they hold. The introduction to the poem describes how the speakers brother distracts the speakers siste from "longing". this personification of longing comparing it to a person that plays "dirty tricks" is a good example of how the author uses memory as a sort of negative thing. The speakers sister is longing over something, and further reading of the poem reveals that that something is her daughters. The next stanza describes the past about how the sistes daughters used to hide in ditches and play around. the next stanza still speaks of the past, stating how the brother would hide the sisters eyes form her daughters eyelashes which were scattered around the house. This constant refrence to the past and the pain of the memories shows the pain of the speakers sister and her longing to get back her daughters. The last part of the poem, which the speaker hears the daughters say, "come with us" can be seen as many things. The way I enterprit it is that we all must die, and although the speakers sister misses her daughters, I'm sure the daughters miss their mom as well.


Blogger John Park said...

This poem reminds me of when I used to play with my older sister, and we would just go around the neighborhood looking for random stuff to do.

4:11 AM  

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