Monday, November 28, 2005

Week 9 Post 1

The Return
by: Catherine Barnett

For a long time there were no signs though we looked
wildly for them.
Of course there were lawyers, they came to the house,
lawyers might have been a sign-

And the birds in the park, circling us-

And the DNA, which Aristole
would have called the fourth kind of recognition,
not what we invent (oh the girls come to us in dreams)
or what we remember, on waking, but-

Someone resembling me has come:
No one resembles me but them:
Therefore they have come.

This poem is the firs poem in my book and it is a bit confusing but has many interesting aspects to it. The beginning of the poem talks about something lost as the speaker keeps refering to the fact that there "were no signs". What signs the speaker is refering to are still very ambiguous. The speaker then goes on to describe how there were lawyers, and birds circleing them in the park, and DNA. These are "signs" to the speaker, but still the thing the speaker is talking about is still unknown. The first sign of what the speaker means is shen she states "(ah the girls come to us in dreams). This is what Aristotle calls the fourth sign. Its funny that a philosipher would be talked about in a poem but it seems now that the speaker was talking about girls. And there were signs of them, just not very concrete signs, signs like dreams. The last stanza is in italic font and stands out. It describes this sort of paradox that says that someone resembling the speaker has come, yet no one but "them" resembles the speaker therfore it must be them that is comming. We get form the previos portion that the "them" is the girls in the dreams. Again the true insights into this poem are very vague, but it has a sort of majestic tone and creates a sense of fantasy with the talk of signs and the like.


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