Monday, November 14, 2005

week 7 post 2

Still Life with No End
by: Catherine Barnett

Every day in her studio my mother
sets out to paint the large picture, to fix
the order of the planets and their circling,
to find which universe is ice and which fire,
which the limit and which the spreading forth.

When the paint dries she scrapes it flat.
Begins again, upside down.
And the cold thing stares back.
Bold stare. Look of the harrowed.
Downstroke at the brows,
erasure of the rising mark.

This poem is kind of strange and deals with the concept of art and the vast things that it is able to do. The poem starts off talking about the speakers mother painting a picure and that she is to "fix the order of the planets...". This shows the kind of thing that art allows you to do which is create your own universe the way you want it to run. this concept is further discussed as the speaker states "whic univers is ice and which fire...". The line has a feel of searching as the speakers mother tries to find what to paint, or what to create. The second stanza changes tone from this searching kind of aspect to one of gloom and almost surreal. The author states that "when the paint dries she scrapes it flat..." this strong word scrape has a painfull connotation and the fact that the mother destroies the image shows pain as well. When the mother desides to paint again "the cold thing stares back..." which is kind of creepy and gives readers a cold chill. The bold look of the painting is seen and at the end of the poem the speaker says "erasure of the rising mark." Im not quite sure what this line was put there to accomplish but I get a sense of ceartenty that the mother is very sure of the rising mark to come. Overall this poem seems to flow from a simple art painting that the speakers mother likes to paint to an inner painfull experience.


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