Monday, November 14, 2005

week 7 post 1

Into Perfect Spheres Such Holes Are Pierced
by: Catherine Barnett

We unstrung neckalaces into two glass bowls
and passed them round to the mourners.
The beads were onyx, agate, quartz, all manner

of stone. Everyone was to take two
and at the end of the service
put one back in my sister's hands.

What could she do but collect
the round weights all night?
She has not restrung them,

not wanting to be finished yet with death.

This poem is the poem whose title was chosen for the authors entire book. Knowing that I was a bit biased as to what the poem would be like and how good the poem must be. The poem is a bit strange at first but describes something so simplistic in such a powerfull way. The introduction describes how stone beads are passed out to the "mourners". This word gives the first signal of death in the poem and it is clear form this point out that the poem is talking about death. Two beads are given to the mourners and then they give one of the beads to the speakers sister. the line "at the end of the service" also hints to the death aspect of the poem. Since services can be anything form church to a club meeting the author purposly put mourners to show that the scen is in fact a funeral. The author then states that "She has not restung them...". Refering to the beads that the sister got, this is because she is "not wanting to be finished with death yet.". The last line of the poem is what almost makes one cry (but not really). The pain that is expressed through something as simple as beads, and the act of not wanting them to be strung up to signify that the funeral is finally over. Most people have had to deal with death in some way and the sister is no different. She does not want to be finshed with death yet. She doesnt want the funeral to be over and be done with her loss. The title plays into the bead theme as into perfect spheres are the stone beads and holes pierced can refer to both the holes in the beads as well as holes in the speaker's sisters heart. Good poem that is straightforward and very strong in the tone of death and pain.


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