Monday, November 21, 2005

It Is This Way with Men

It Is This Way with Men

They are pounded into the earth
like nails; move an inch,
they are driven down again.
The earth is sore with them.
it is a spiny fruit
that has lost hope
of being raised and eaten.
It can only ripen and ripen.
And men, they too are wounded.
They too are siften from their loss
and are without hope. The core
softens. The pure flesh softens
and melts. There are thorns, there
are the dark seeds, and they end.

C.K. Williams uses three illustrations to describe men. The first is with the nails, then with the spiny fruit, then with man himself. I think that this is a very powerful poem, both understandable by men and women. I believe that the first illustration shows that men are tough to crack. Most men don't want to appear any less than strong and confident in everything they do and the only way to change them is to humble them greatly, hence, the "driving them down into the earth." Also dealing with the issue of man's confidence, I feel that the spiny fruit illustration is telling that men want to be appealing and wanted just as much as women do. Yet when they don't feel adequate enough, physically or maturity-wise, the only thing that they can succumb and resort to is "ripening" with time in hopes that they're be more desireable later. And the last description of men pretty much sums up the last two illustrations in "they too are stiften from their loss and are without hope," yet I feel that Williams is trying to say that once you get past the hardness and unripened part of a man's being, you'll find someone who is wounded and seeking what everyone else in this world is seeking - love.


Blogger Sevanna Isanians said...

I love this poem. I think I did it myself a couple of weeks ago. You are right, this poem is a very strong poem one with a deep meaning. I however got a different reading than you. I thought it was man's oppression from society and the expections that it has. One thing i completely agree on is the lack of love and the desire for it.

11:30 PM  
Blogger Julie Mong said...

This poem is really deep. I get where you are coming from and where sevanna is coming from. IT seems to me the poem is about how men have harmed the earth and kept its normal natural growth from continuing. I really love this poem too, it so simple but contains such a great meaning. The world is lost without hope and if mankind was to lose hope as well, then all will be lost. but it reminds me of how we can go and fix it. Fix the earth and heal its wounds.

1:58 PM  
Blogger Esther said...

I agree with Sevanna and Julie about this poem. I find that this poem is very powerful and just the comparison is meaningful. I think that this poem will hit women more than men just because of the subject that it contains. The way that C.K. Williams describes men throughout the poem is just so descriptive and the diction chosen hits at the right places while reading the poem. By comparing them to "thorns" or "lost hope," I think that many women can easily identify with this poem.

1:58 PM  

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