Saturday, November 26, 2005

I Know A Man by Robert Creeley

As I sd to my
friend, because I am
always talking,--John, I

sd, which was not his
name, the darkness sur-
rounds us, what

can we do against
it, or else, shall we &
why not, buy a goddamn big car,

drive, he sd, for
christ's sake, look
out where yr going.

I found this poem interesting because it makes no sense unless it is read aloud. It uses line and stanza breaks almost randomly, forcing the reader into pausing while reading the poem. The line breaks do no seem to have any purpose. But the stanza breaks do separate different ideas throughout the poem while the stanza's themselves are each exactly three lines. The way Creeley chose to spell "said" as "sd," and "you're" as "yr" reminds me of internet text messages of an adolescent. The virtually incoherent conversation in this poem also resembles the speech of a teenager. Re-reading the first stanza clarifies the poem, because it explains that the speaker is "always talking." The entire poem seems to reflect this idea since it is very colloquial. Even the speaker's friend in the car gets angry by the last stanza, where the friend criticizes the speaker for talking too much, while he should be focusing on driving.


Blogger Danny said...

The shorthand abbreviations used are interesting how they go into play with the way the speaker is always talking. You're right, it seems like the speaker is just going on and on about not too much while his friend is getting annoyed and simply wants him to drive instead of incessently speaking.

11:32 AM  
Blogger Michael Overton said...

i didnt really like the style of the author using short hands like sd and such but it was very unique. when you saud that the style is very disjunked you were not kidding. i had to read the poem aloud to to actually see that it is in fact an actual thought. the first time seemed jumbled and non-understandable. i still dont know why the speaker talks about how he talks a lot and how his friend yelled at him. its like the poem serves no purpose (in my opinion).

9:48 PM  
Blogger John Park said...

I thought this poem was pretty interesting. I had to go back and read it a few more times to make some sense of it. However, I'm still not sure what the point of the poem really is. It does all just seem pretty abitrary.

12:12 PM  

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