Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Home is so Sad by Philip Larkin

Home is so sad. It stays as it was left,
Shaped to the comfort of the last to go
As if to win them back. Instead, bereft
Of anyone to please, it withers so,
Having no heart to put aside the theft

And turn again to what it started as,
A joyous shot at how things ought to be,
Long fallen wide. You can see how it was:
Look at the pictures and the cutlery.
The music in the piano stool. That vase.

I found this poem online as well and while reading it, I didn't really understand it at first. The poem seems to be a bit confusing at first because it just simply talks about how the home is so sad, just as the title says. One can't help but wonder if there is supposed to be an underlying meaning to the poem or if it should be open to different interpretations or if there is story behind the poem. When reading the poem first, I felt as if it just simply was talking about how the home is lonely if one does not accompany to it or maintain it. I think that this poem can be translated into the leaving of loved ones in the family, such as going off to college or leaving because of marriage. When the speaker says "shaped to the comfort of the last to go," I think that this can represent the bonding of the home and the people who live in it. This poem treats the home as if it is a living object with feelings and emotions where they are sensitive to what happens to them. There is a sad tone throughout the poem because of the presence of lonliness that it contains due to the leaving of the home. The last three lines of the poem, when it says "you can see how it was, look at the pictures and the cutlery. The music in the piano stool. That vase," these descriptions are things only the familly of the home knows about and can relate to, which is why this poem can be significant and meaningful strictly to the home owners only.


Blogger John Park said...

I really liked the imagery in this poem. It makes me think of all the things in my home that make it unique and give me comfort whenever I go back to visit.

12:09 PM  

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