Friday, October 28, 2005

week 5 post`1

What the Naked Eye Looks for but Cannot Find
By: Catherine Barnett

Why ask her to wake?
So she can look into the sky at what?
The stars keep her company but niggardly so.
She watches them as they fall, pointing out
the tiny invisibles of black
where stars have been named for her girls
who can't be seen with the naked eye
though we all pretend to follow the map she draws
into the cloak of holes.

The poem starts with a question and it seems like a pitiful situation. The speaker asks why wake the woman if all she can do is look into the stars and find little comfort there. The stars are named for the girls that died and cannot be seen. This poem all in all sounds very depressing. The woman in the poem has lost her children and all she does now when she is awake is live in this dreamy state. A state where she can still see her kids when she looks up at the night sky. It has such a sad and pitiful tone. The words emphasize how lonely it is and how in disillusionment the woman in the story is. She can only find comfort in something that no one else can see. Only through her eyes can she see her kids up in the night sky. It has such a deep dramatic effect on the reader. It makes the reader feel the pain the woman goes through and understand for her. The bond she shares with her kids make it so that only she can see them when they are not really there. The images the speaker draws using words such as holes and "invisible blacks" it intensifies the despair and the darkness in the world of the woman. A dreamy dark state where no one can touch her. The question in the beginning is more like a rhetorical question. Because the answer is given in the next lines. The woman is asleep and at peace with herself and the rest of the world, but if she wakes up all she will do is look more longingly at the night sky to get in touch with her kids.


Blogger Sevanna Isanians said...

This is a very touching poem, deep but not corny which is nice. It is a display of vivid emotions and also deep raw pain. The loss of a child is never easy, and the stars are a constant reminder of what she has lost.

10:26 AM  

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