Saturday, October 29, 2005

Week 5 Post 2

Pitch and Black Lift
By: Catherine Barnett

Where my father's hip was rejoined
his leg lost an inch or two

His right shoe is a ladder,
a shadow under him,

a hearse of black rubber he can't escape.
He stands before the shoemaker

in his old bare feet
shaking off sadness,

a boy shaking pebbles out of his shoe.

The tone of this poem is sad and dark. The speaker tells of her father's life left over. He had a hip rejoined, probably meaning surgery and that made his leg a little shorter than before. She is discussing the ordeals that her father go through now after that dramatic event. He goes to the shoe store and has to stand there in front of the shoemaker and face the pain and sorrow of what he is left of. The images in this poem are ghastly almost, as if predicting that the man has little time left in his life. "A hearse of black rubber he can't escape." She describe the shoe as a hearse, making it seem like the man is barely making it through and is not enjoying what is left. The last few lines describe his feelings more than what she percieves of him. "His old bare feet shaking off sadness" She pulls the effect of this line by ending it half way and starting the rest on the next line. She compares the man to a boy shaking pebbles out of his shoe. It makes the man sound childish and innocent. When you get something stuck in your shoe, you stop and take it off to get the stuff out. The man is essentially doing the same thing except with his sadness. A metaphor for what he feels.


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