Monday, October 31, 2005

For Friendship

For Friendship
by Robert Creeley

For friendship
make a chain that holds,
to be bound to
others, two by two,

a walk, a garland,
handed by hands
that cannot move
unless they hold.

This poem reminded me a lot of our class' discussion of line breaks last thursday. I had to read this poem through several times before I realized that it was a description of friendship through various illustrations (ie. a walk, a garland, two by two...). Friendship is one of those topics that doesn't seem uncommon, but at the same time, people never get tired of reading about it. I liked how Creeley used metaphors that all "linked" to one another (no pun intended). The symbolism is deep in so many different ways. I feel that Creeley was trying to show that friendship is strong and unbreakable (a chain that holds), sacred and made by some higher authority - be it God or whomever (to be bound to others, like marriage), equal with partnership (two by two), a journey with changing scenery (a walk), something beautiful (a garland), giving and taking on both ends - from both friends (handed by hands that cannot move unless they hold). The line breaks, perhaps intended, maybe not, but I think that they made an illustrative difference. If you look at the first stanza and then at the second stanza, you'll see that the first has a rather jagged shape, whereas the second has a little bit more solid, consistent shape. Maybe Creeley meant to make the shape of his poem that way to further illustrate how friendships takes work and endurance through the ups and downs to get to the straighter parts of the path (walk).


Blogger Naseem said...

This poem also is a good example of the line breaks that we discussed in class. The speaker didnt break at a punctuation, especially since the whole poem is written in one sentence, rather at each image.

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