Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Vow

When the lover goes,
the vow though broken remains,
that trace of eternity love
brings down among us stays,
to give dignity to the suffering
and to intensify it.

- Galway Kinnell

I was thumbing through The Vintage Book of Contemporary American Poetry when this particular poem caught my eye. Most, if not all have had our hearts broken once so far in our lives and we all know that the healing process is one that is inevitable and often cruel. Often at the expense of a vow which has been broken, the one of love, loyalty and fidelity. Even the after the effects of blind love have faded, the ideal or eternal love will remain and will be sought after to fill the void created by loneliness. After the 'lover' has left, the promise of love will remain even in the heart of the grieving because there will always be another to love is my interpretation of the speaker's poem. In the line "to give dignity to the suffering and to intensify it" the speaker reassures people that although one individual has broken his/her vow, the concept of finding eternal love will prevail and provide a path towards healing, giving them hope. Its ironic that the vow in which can cause so much pain can also be as beautiful and worthy as of such anguish agony. The vow is often broken but static for love is a strong feeling if not a base of human nature.


Blogger Julie Mong said...

I read your comments about this poem, and I would agree with you. It was a nice short poem that conveys a lot of meaning about the hardships of a relationship gone sour and the healing process that follows. The speaker in the poem does pinpoint what a lot of broken hearts feel even though they deny it sometimes. Some just think that there is only one, but it is true that others will come along.

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