Monday, December 05, 2005

Poem 11


As I look at the clock to see the time. Butterflies in my
stomach write the ryhme. Wondering what you might be, boy or
girl the world waits to see. As I see your mother shake I
try to be strong.As she pushes and strains I know it won't
be long. I looked in your mothers eyes and from that moment
on, I would hold her hand forever this feeling will never be
gone. As you make your way out eyes already open. As the
doctor says it's aGirl, My life just began.

John Keats

I can imagine writing a poem about soemthing as emotional as the birth of his child would be extremely easy for a poet, especially one as elegant as Keats. I can not say that I am very impressed with this poem though. The words seem almost generic, there is nothing very special about anything he says. His structuring is interesting though, using rhyme in prose form. It would have gone over better if he had made the poem itself a little more personal.


Blogger MValentine said...

I think that Keats is able to capture the nervous and exited engery of a moment like that. I also like how he directs the peom to the new life that is coming into the world "As I see your mother shake..." I agree that this image would be hard to capture, but I think that Keats in his elegance is able to convey this image. I think that the ending "My life just began" is simple in its elegance. The birth of a child means so much to a parent and I think that this contrast marks it all.

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