Saturday, November 19, 2005

week 8 post 2

Evening Star
by: Edgar Allen Poe

'Twas noontide of summer,
And mid-time of night;
And stars, in their orbits,
Shone pale, thro' the light
Of the brighter, cold moon,
'Mid planets her slaves,
Herself in the Heavens,
Her beam on the waves.
I gazed awhile
On her cold smile;
Too cold- too cold for me-
There pass'd, as a shroud,
A fleecy cloud,
And I turned away to thee,
Proud Evening Star,
In thy glory afar,
And dearer thy beam shall be;
For joy to my heart
Is the proud part
Thou bearest in Heaven at night,
And more I admire
Thy distant fire,
Than that colder, lowly light.

The poem uses the images of the moon to convey something dark and evil while the images of stars to prevail over the moon. The literal interpretation of the poem is the moon is evil and smiles coldly on the earth below. While the stars are portrayed to be something stronger than the moon and surpasses its brightness. This was an interesting way to portray the moon and stars. First of all, I don't look at the moon and see something cold. The beauty of the moon is staring at me in the face. But I can see where the author comes up with the moon being something cold. Anything in the sky that can look down on the earth while the earth is in sorrow can be pretained as cold. The stars play a special role in this poem. They are the light that beats the moon and shines brighter than the moon. In a way this leads to things that are small but can still bring so much to someone. A sad tone in the beginning of the poem, it ends with hope.


Blogger Michael Overton said...

I liked how the author described the moon as an evil presence, and the stars seem as a super hero shining through the moon. Although I don't feel that the moon is such a bad character, I do agree with your interpretation of the poem.

10:08 PM  
Blogger brianne fong said...

I agree with Julie that when I look up at the moon, I don't see something cold. But it's a nice spin to the whole poem. I haven't read poetry with that kind of rhyming scheme for a while. It adds lightheartedness to the atmosphere of the poem and I really like how Poe can talk about something dark, yet still make it light and bouncy sounding. Julie's interpretation was good and I agree with her in her interpretation of the role of the stars in relation to the moon.

4:00 AM  

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