Tuesday, November 15, 2005

week 8 post 2

The Apartment is Dark
Dimitri Shostakovich

The apartment is dark.
I like it that way.
Through unshaded windows
I look across the street.
People there have lights on.
I see them through curtains.
A muscular young man
Washes dishes with his wife.
A woman drinks beer
In the blue light of TV.
On the top floor a mother,
A daughter, a daughter:
Three without men.
Next door an old couple
Smothers the fear
Of who will die first.
In a singles bar
I meet a woman
And have nothing to say.
Too many times
I have said the same things.
I watch here in darkness,
In the peace of aloneness,
And think about me,
And think about you.

This poem has a lot of imagery and really shows what the speaker is feeling through other peoples actions. The first line says that he likes the apartment dark. For almost the rest of the poem, he is observing different families and couples. Without saying he makes the reader aware that everyone is missing someone or something in their life that would otherwise make it a picture of the perfect family. The speaker is lonely and the last two lines show this and more precisely that he is lonely for another person. Probably a woman because he speaks of a woman that he meets in a singles bar and feels like once again it is going to be the same process. He rather sit in his dark apartment and watch other people’s lives and thinking about the person he is missing. This does not necessarily mean that he likes sitting in his dark apartment, but believes it to be a better choice than starting another relationship with someone that he fears will be the same old story.


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