Thursday, November 10, 2005

week 7 post 2

The Fruit Cocktail Rebellion
Gillian Jones

Mom makes me eat it straight out of the can.
that yellow enemy disguised
as tropical fruit.
I hate the sick
sweetness of it all.
Peaches bullying me from the table;
red cherries bobbing
in yellow juice, chanting as they ooze
past lumpy mango, unfamiliar pear.
Eat it,
she says, oblivious
to the riot of fruit in my tin.
I can barely hear her
over the cantaloupe frenzy.
I throw the fruit onto the floor,
smash the tangy fortress
into a million pieces, stomp each cherry
one by one,
tell the bananas to never come back.

I like this poem because it shows the innocence of childhood. The way children show how they feel with actions because they do not know or understand any other way to do it. it’s a very simple poem, yet full of emotion and meaning. The imagery is also great, I can easily picture the fruit and the juice it’s in and imagine what this child is going through. The thing that is also different about this poem is that it is written in a childish way. It is choppy and to the point, how one would expect a child to write.


Blogger Julie Mong said...

This poem is so weird! It brings in so many different things all at once. The child made to eat his can of fruits and the child rebelling with his mother in such a tantrum. It is a very creative way to write something. And the way the author uses contrasting adjectives to describe the same thing. there's a negative and positive to every fruit. Describing the luciousness of the fruit to the way they disgust him.

10:12 PM  
Blogger Niel said...

I thought this poem was original and amusing. I have never eaten that fruit stuff, because it does not look appetizing, just like the speaker of this poem thinks. All the elements of the poem come together to unite in the general hatred for the canned fruit. I think the author brings in the reader by using a subject that everyone can relate to-something their parents made them do that they did not like at all.

12:56 PM  
Blogger Sevanna Isanians said...

I love this poem and its originality. This reminds me of my brother when he was a child. He hated canned fruits, to him they looked more deadly then nutritous. The colors and the description of the fruit are vivid, the title in itself is very creative, not a title expected for a poem; or a theme for that matter. Interesting way to describing childhood rebellion.

5:20 PM  

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