Thursday, November 10, 2005

Week 7 Post 1

By: Louise Gluck

Not I, you idiot, not self, but we, we-waves
of sky blue like
a critique of heaven: why
do you trasure your voice
when to be one thing
is to be the next to nothing?
Why do you look up? To hear
an echo like the voice
of god? You are all the same to us,
solitary, standing above us, planning
your silly lives: you go
where you are sent, like all things,
where the wind plants you,
one or another of you forever
looking down and seeing some image
of water, and hearing what? Waves,
and over waves, birds singing.

This poem was a bit confusing at first because of the line breaks that the author puts in. It seems she just randomly put line breaks all over the poem just to put them there. Each line break she puts in adds a pause as the reader goes through the poem the first time. There's a lot of stopping in the middle of thoughts and sentences. Other sentences begin in the same line that another ended. It gives the effect of just rambling and makes the reader go back and reread the poem a second time maybe even a third time. Right in the beginning of the poem the speaker states that it is "we" not just one person. It is "we" that are the waves that splash in the sky. The poem is really vivid and paints beautiful images of waves and the ocean, but the tone of the poem is negative. The speaker talks to the audience and looks down on them. She compares them to plants swaying in the wind and going where ever the wind takes them. There is no fighting back or going somewhere else. Just flow through with the current. Then the last few lines brings the whole poem onto another level. The literal meaning of it is that these plants see waves and more waves and hear the birds sing. Her last question is answered by her last line. But she makes it indefinite by saying forever looking down. That the plants are forever floating and forever away from home a place that they can be stationary.


Blogger Matt said...

I like this poem. I like how she points out that being one thing is very close to being nothing. It really makes me feel insignificant as a single entity. I don't think this has a negative tone, though I suppose it is a kind of a critique.

5:41 PM  

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