Thursday, November 10, 2005

week 7 post 1

Love is Patient with a Life
Nicholas Gordon

Love is patient with a life
That brings its share of pain.
We know sometime there is an end
To the most stubborn rain.
We know the sun comes out again
On a world that's fresh and new,
And all the gifts we freely give
Somewhere, sometime accrue.
We know sometimes we have to wait
For life to come around,
And sometimes that it won't, but still
There's some good to be found.
And even when things happen that
Your soul can hardly bear,
Know that I'll be next to you;
My love is always there.

I cannot decide whether this is a poem about a friends death or someone waiting for someone to come back. The part that throws me off is “ we know sometimes we have to wait for life to come around”. If someone you love is dieing why would you be waiting for a life to come? It is also possible that it is about a change, something new that is happening in someone’s life. “the sun comes out again” meaning that you will get over it and everything will be well again, they way it was. I like this poem because it is uplifting and open to many different interpretations.


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