Sunday, November 06, 2005

Week 6 Post 1

By: Catherine Barnett

Like a branch hanging down and blackened:
there's no crutch left in me,
no plank or board
just wood turning soft all over
but at the hitch of stubborn blossom
where I've fastened to my sister
in whom radiance is grief,
shiny and polished,
pitch and sap to her roots.

This poem is very vivid and storng and has a lot of similies to describe various things. Its one of those poems that describes to show readers rather than explains. The first part which compares the speaker to a blackened branch haningg down creates a very somber mood. the word blackened itself is such a powerful image. the second line shows that the speaker is just lost of hope, "theres no crutch..." almost as if theres nothing left to hold onto to keep from falling. There is a refrence to the speaker fastening herself to her sister which shows how she must depend on her, yet even her sister is described as having "radiance of grief...". These storng words show that the sisters aura is that of sorrow as well. A very somber tone is created and it comes through to the reader without any trouble. The last parts of the poem describe the speakers radiance once again as "shiny and polished..." and as "pitch and sap to her roots." Again the comparing of trees to people is used and this shows that the siters "radiance of grief" is sad but that she is also shiny and polished to her roots. I get an image of a weeping willow when reading this. a perfectly healthy tree that may be shiny and polished. Yet those drooping branches just have that "radiance of grief" that was discussed and you can't help but feel a bit gloomy when around it. This poem is a great example of how imagery can create a strong tone in a poem and storng senses in the reader as well.


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