Monday, November 07, 2005

Teleology By May Swenson

By: May Swenson

The eyes look front in humans.
Horse or dog could not shoot,

seeing two sides to everything.
Fish, who never shut their eyes,

can swim on their sides, and see
two worlds: blunt dark below;

Above, the daggering light.
Round as a burr, the eye

its whole head, the housefly
sees in a whizzing circle.

Human double- barreled eyes,
in their narrow blind trained

forward, hope to shoot and hit
- if they can find it -

the backward- speeding hole
in the Cyclops face of the future.

This poem is interesting in content. It seems as though the poet is comparing the world seen through the eyes of different people and animals. She compares fish to horses to humans and the different perspectives that they could have on the world. And that at times we don't look at different angles and different perspectives. I couldn't really see what the poem itself was trying to say, until I came to the end of the poem where it all come together.


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