Sunday, November 13, 2005


So sweet the hour, so calm the time,
I feel it more than half a crime,
When Nature sleeps and stars are mute,
To mar the silence ev'n with lute.
At rest on ocean's brilliant dyes
An image of Elysium lies:
Seven Pleiades entranced in Heaven,
Form in the deep another seven:
Endymion nodding from above
Sees in the sea a second love.
Within the valleys dim and brown,
And on the spectral mountain's crown,
The wearied light is dying down,
And earth, and stars, and sea, and sky
Are redolent of sleep, as I
Am redolent of thee and thine
Enthralling love, my Adeline.
But list, O list,- so soft and low
Thy lover's voice tonight shall flow,
That, scarce awake, thy soul shall deem
My words the music of a dream.
Thus, while no single sound too rude
Upon thy slumber shall intrude,
Our thoughts, our souls- O God above!
In every deed shall mingle, love.
-Edgar Allan Poe

In this poem there are many literary devices that are used to make the poem flow well and sound very nice to the ear. There is a rhyme scheme that is pretty much A-B, A-B throughout the poem. There is alliteration and consonance which has many S's throughout the poem. Imagery is also contained throughtout the poem, an example being, "At rest on ocean's brilliant dyes," which is an interesting way to think about the ocean- as dyes that run through and mix together to make brilliant colors. Another line that I thought had something I could never think up was, "When nature sleeps and stars are mute." I considered nature never to really be at rest, because there are always people, animals, insects, that are awake and on its surface, but maybe there is a time at night when nature does rest. The second part of the line, "when stars are mute," is also an interesting thought. I never really thought of stars making noise, but perhaps when they are not twinkling sporadically, they are quieting down.
I like the way that Poe can make the cliche' idea of a love poem, quite original and only his. This is a rarity in poets, as it is difficult to replicate.


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