Monday, November 07, 2005

A Poem Beginning with a Line By Pindar, II

A Poem Beginning with a Line By Pindar, II
By Robert Duncan

This is magic. It is passionate dispersion.
What if they grow old? The gods
would not allow it.
Psyche is preserved.
In time we see a tragedy, a loss of beauty
the glittering youth
of the god retains - but from this threshold
it is age
that is beautiful . It is toward the old poets
we go, to their faltering
their unaltering wrongness that has style,
their variable truth,
the old faces,
words shed like tears from
a plenitude of powers time stores.

I think this poem is very interesting. I caught me eyes with its odd words and topics. First of all the poet's use of a different title and using in a form of a letter. The story within the poem itself is one in which is very interesting and also obscure. He states that the gods ages and is concerned beauty but when poets age it is different whereas the ages change and so do the perspectives of the poets. The poet talks about the timeless and the ever infatuation with gods and their powers.


Blogger Esther said...

I like how this poem incorporates the aspect of Greek Gods throughout it. It brings in a different perspective when looking at the poem. I also like the very first sentence of the poem. It is so simplistic, yet it kind of sets the tone for the whole poem. When the speaker says "this is magic," he simply is just stating it and shows that that is just how it is. It seems as if this is just a known fact throughout the poem.

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