Monday, October 24, 2005

Winter Field by Ellen Bryant Voigt

The winter field is not
the field of summer lost in snow: it is
another thing, a different thing.

"We shouted, we shook you," you tell me,
but there was no sound, no face, no fear, only
oblivion-why shouldn't it be so?

After they'd pierced a vien and fished me up,
after they'd reeled me back they packed me under
blanket on top of blanket, I trembled so.

The summer field, sun-fed, mutable,
has its many tasks; the winter field
becomes its adjective.
For those hours
I was some other thing, and my body,
which you have long loved well,
did not love you.

Going along with the theme of winter/ gloomy poems, I thought this one suted well. The poem is very strange but talks about a person who fell in the ice. This is like my last poem except the speaker survives the incident. The speaker talks about a winter field and how it is not just the same field as summer was with the addition of snow, but something more. The speaker then goes on to describe the events that happened as the speaker was "fished up.." out of the water and "trembled so." The depiction of this event shows the harsh reality of winter. The speaker first showed joy for this fantastic place of snow and mystery. but after the "oblivion..." and after someone or many people fished the speaker up out of the frigid ice water and packed "blanket upon blanket.." on the tone of the poem changes. This place that the speaker once revered as has become "some other thing..." for the hours that the speaker endured. The last line of the poem state that the speakers body "which you have long loved well, did not love you." The alst part shows a contrast as to haw easily on can change moods when put in a life or death situation. Field which had taken care of this person and which the speaker loved was not loved at all by the speaker the moment something bad happened. This poem brings to life the uncontrolability of nature. it is beautiful, it does take care of us, but it can harm us as well.


Blogger Naseem said...

at first when i read this poem i thought it was about ice fishing, but after i read on it i realized it is about a tragic experience the speaker had. i agree that its shows the harsh reality of winter. not just the fireplace and hot coco that one would usually imagine.

10:52 PM  
Blogger Julie Mong said...

I agree with you when you say this poem is gloomy, and it makes the whole season of winter seem like a gloomy one. I like how the speaker describes himself being rescued. He compared it to being the fish that someone caught and was securing for the trip home. Winter is an awesome season. It has so many beauties like you mentioned and is still so mysterious.

4:15 PM  

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