Monday, October 31, 2005

week 6 post 2

Deborah Ager

Over the fence, the dead settle
in for a journey. Nine o'clock.
You are alone for the first time
today. Boys asleep. Husband out.

A beer bottle sweats in your hand,
and sea lavender clogs the air
with perfume. Think of yourself.
Your arms rest with nothing to do

after weeks spent attending to others.
Your thoughts turn to whether
butter will last the week, how much
longer the car can run on its partial tank of gas.

This poem seems to be the thoughts at the end of a day of a typical housewife. She likes the solitude that she has at night because all day she is busy attending to her husband and sons. Though this poem is short and straightforward there are hidden meanings about her life throughout it. She might be telling the reader that she is having problems with her marriage because her husband is out at 9pm. Why is the beer bottle sweating in her hand? Is she worried or tense about something? I also noticed where the line breaks were in this poem. It would have been very easy for her to make the line breaks where there was a punctuation; it would have made the poem easier to read. She even ends one of the stanzas in the middle of a sentence. The way that the lines breaks have been done makes the poem awkward and takes the reader a longer time to read it. I think that she did this because otherwise it would be really easy to skim through the poem, but this way makes the reader understand the meaning of each line better.


Blogger Danny said...

I really like the first part of the second stanza. The imagery is pretty interesting. "A beer bottle sweats in your hand" can mean one of two things, either it is hot and your hand is sweating holding it, or it is a reference to the condensation on the outside of the bottle. Most probably it means both. The idea of the lavender clogging the air with perfume, 'clogging' giving a negative connotation to an otherwise beautiful scene once again interestingly juxtapositions the images. Interesting poem.

2:16 PM  
Blogger Matt said...

I think its cool that I can relate to this poem somehow. When I had a long week of work, then a day of solitude, it always feels awkward. Although she has a beer in her hand, ready to relax, she is in the mood to worry about doing work. The personification of the beer bottle is a metaphor for that awkward feeling: where beer normally relaxes you, it is sweating anxiously.

6:31 PM  

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