Sunday, October 30, 2005

Week 5 Post 2

Broken Clock
By: Catherine Barnett

At the hour of astrinomical twilight
when all stars are visible to the searching eye

you say it's morning,
your traunt hands shaken and blue,

ungoverned by the weight on the weightless line
that keeps your time.

How you lie and cry
your prodigal hours,

that ditchy cluck starting up again
pretending happiness! joy!

This poem is very moving and by knowing nothing about the author you can still feel the great sorrow of this poem. The author uses such simple words, but a strong image of one who has lost much is created and a great tone of mourning is felt. The discussion of traunt hands that just give you that feel of a disaster. Whenever you get hurt, or whenever your loved ones get hurt, the shaking of the hands is almost natural. And the talk of how the person in the poem just lies there and cries realy gets to you. The last part of the poem is the most relavent to me though. I can relate to it so much, and I bet most others can as well because we all tend to hide the emotions that we feel inside. Putting on an exterior of joy so that others will not worry about you. Again, the word that are used are not complex or hard to understand. The message that the author wants to get across is right in fornt of the readers face. Thats why this poem is powerfull though, there is no hidden problems, no trying to figure out whats going on. Just a simple, but powerful, depiction of a perosn in sorrow, in such a state because of a loss of something. This is a poem all can relate to because everyone has lost at least one thing important in life.


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