Sunday, October 30, 2005

Week 5 post 1

Ninth Birthday for Coriander
By: Catherine Barnett

On rainy days like this how empty the park is.
We push the seeds a quarter of an inch down,
two per inch. They're round and black,
like water beads on glass,
and they like cool weather,
garaunteed to bolt slowly when they do.
Were we to bite into one,
it would at first taste bitter,
then like wine or soap burn our tongues.
We stand under the apple trees,
the only gardeners out on a day like this,
unseasonably cold for late August,
and the harder it rains the better we feel.

This poem, titled ninth birthday, is a very touching poem. Its kind of corny, but the images and the story of this poem make even the hardest of hearts want to cry...but not really. The beginning line of the poem sets a gloomy mood that continues throughout the poem. A rainy day with an empty park, this image sets the readers for a sad poem to come. The speaker of this poem uses the word we to describe the actions that take place in the poem. Although the truth of the matter is that there is no we. The speaker is the only one really there and readers find this out when the speaker quotes, "were we to bite into one...". This is in the middle of the poem and allows readers to realize that the speaker is speaking of something that could have happened. The speaker is discussing what could have occured if the "missing person" were there. Knowing that this poem is dedicated to the authors dead neice things start to make sense. The author discusses a scen where her and her neice would be great gardeners on a rainy day. Planting apple seeds and biting into them. The poem is broken up into step by step events and the first half, although a little gloomy, seep perfectly normal. The second half, after realizing that the "we" is really a "me" makes the tone a bit more saddened and lonely. the gloomy mood is the perfect backdrop to this and the image of the last poem brings these sad feelings togeather. The more it rains the better we feel. This last line makes you think that maby the speaker just feels better in the rain alone trying to forget everything.


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