Friday, October 14, 2005

week 4 post 2

Week 4 Post 2

The Twins

Pg. 138-9 Mona Van Duyn

My sweet-faced, tattle-tale brother was born blind,
But the colors drip in his head. He paints with his fingers.
All day with his pots and paper he follows m around
Wherever I set up my easel, till I pinch his bat ears,

Then before he goes he swears he didn’t feel anything
But he knows my feelings, sneaks them out of my skin.
The things he knows! Leaving me squeezed and sulking,
He pretends he felt them himself and tells everyone.

Nobody ever blames him. He’s terribly talented.
The world, glimpsing itself through him, will grow
Sick with self-love, it seems, and under his eyelid
Lie down, in burning shame, with its own shadow,

I really like this poem because there is so much meaning behind every word. As I read I feel like each thought can be interpreted in many ways. The speaker says that her blind brother “paints with his fingers” (138). This has two meanings, one: that her brother truly paints with his fingers because he likes imitating his sister who is an artist, or two: that because he is blind he goes about his life using his finger like they are his art, he sees through his hands. I especially like the way she tells us that her brother is blind, she says that he “was born blind, but the colors drip from his head” (138), it give the reader a good image of who her brother is and by reading on we also understand how close these siblings are.


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