Tuesday, October 11, 2005

week 3 post 1

William Meredith (113)
ii. of love

People love each other and the light
Of love gilds but doesn’t alter,
People don’t change one another, can scarcely
By taking will and thought add a little
Now and then to their own statures

Which, praise them, they do,
So that here we are in all our sizes
Flooded in impartial daylight sometimes,
Spotted sometimes in a light we make ourselves,
Human, the beams of attention
Of social animals at their work
Which is loving; and sometimes all dark.

The only correction is
By you of you, by me of me.
People are worth looking at in this light
And if you listen what they are saying is,
Love me sun out there whoever your are,
Chasing me from bed in the morning,
Spooking me all day with shadow,
Surprising me whenever you fall;
Make me conspicuous as I go here,
Spotted by however many beams,
Now light, finally dark. I fear
There is meant to be a lot of darkness,
You hear them say, but every last creature
is the one it meant to be.

I like this poem because it is taking two very different things and comparing them; love and the sun. The two do have similarities, both of these are things that you can feel, yet the sun is an object and love is an emotion. But neither the sun or love can you touch. I think that in the beginning of the poem the speaker is talking strictly about love and what goes along with it. In the second stanza he bring the sun into the poem and compares how love is “flooded in the impartial daylight sometimes”. Like the sun you wake up in the morning with love and it is with you all day. I guess what this poem is saying that if you have love, like the sun it will always be there even if you don’t notice it. The line that says “I fear there is meant to be a lot of darkness” is about the speaker’s fear of loneliness and not having love. I really like the way he describes that with darkness.

Naseem Arjmand


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