Monday, October 03, 2005

Week 2 Post 1

Staying at Ed’s Place (99)

I like being in your apartment, and not disturbing anything.
As in the woods I wouldn’t want to move a tree,
Or change the play of sun and shadow on the ground.

The yellow kitchen stool belongs right there
Against white plaster. I haven’t used your purple towel
Because I like the accidental cleft of shade you left in it.

At your small six-sided table, covered with mysterious
Dents in the wood like a dartboard, I drink my coffee
From your brown mug. I look into the clearing

Of your high front room, where sunlight slopes through bare
Windows squares. Your Afghanistan hammock, a man sized cocoon
Slung from wall to wall, your narrow desk and typewriter

Are the only furniture. Each morning you light from the east
Douses me where, with folded legs, I sit in your meadow,
A casual spread of brilliant carpets. Like a cat or dog

I take a roll, then, stretched out flat
In the center of color and pattern, I listen
To the remote growl of trucks over cobble on Bethune Street below.

When I open my eyes I discover the peaceful blank
Of the ceiling. Its old paint-layered surface is moonwhite
And trackless, like the Sea- of Tranquility.

This poem makes me picture a very cozy and lived-in house. And I assume that the speaker is Ed’s girlfriend. The way she writes the poem shows the sweetness of their relationship. She is able describe Ed without literally describing him, but telling us of his place. I like that she compares the furniture in his house with the forest “as in the woods I wouldn’t want to move a tree” (99). Its makes the house seem like it is a sanctuary or some extremely significant place in either her life or their relationship. She also uses very specific details when describing his furniture that makes the reader easily visualize it, like when she says “your small six sided table, covered with mysterious dents in the wood like a dartboard” (99). After reading that it is very easy for me to visualize the table and Ed’s place. Something that was weird in the poem was that every three lines turned into a stanza but the stanza didn’t always end with a thought or even a period. It made the stanzas seem out of place, but it may have also had some significance in the poem, but I am not sure what.

Naseem Arjmand


Blogger Lilan said...

I like how you mentioned that the poem is letting us know who Ed is, and what the relationship is like, without ever addressing either subject, but just the apartment. I got a really sweet feeling from this poem as well!

11:38 PM  

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