Monday, October 10, 2005

week 2 poem 2

Keeping Things Whole by: Mark Strand (pg 381 - 382)

In a field
I am the absence
of field.
This is
always the case.
Wherever I am
I am what is missing.

When I walk
I part the air
and always
the air moves in
to fill the spaces
where my body's been.

We all have reasons
for moving.
I move
to keep things whole.

This poem was a bit strange but stood out in my mind. I like the way the author uses little words but tackles a large topic like existence. The speaker states that he is "the absence of field" which can refer to the fact that he is absent from the plane. Wherever he goes he is what is missing is also a strange thing to say. The speaker sounds a bit confident when he states this as it almost seems as if he is the center of the universe. The same thing occurs as he states that the air parts as he walks and then fills in the space he has created. This is true for everyone, if you think about it, but people don't usually associate that when they walk air particles are parting and then filling back the space you have made a void in. the last stanza is where the speaker justifies his reason for moving. He states that he does it to keep things whole. This again goes back to that almost pridefull notion that he moves "for the sake of the world" to keep things in order. as if he didn't move would make a difference. I think the overlying concept here is that the speaker needed a reason to keep on going. And his idea, which is also a truth, that the environment is drastically changed, and changes to his actions, is a good reason to keep on doing things in life.


Blogger Sevanna Isanians said...

I think that this poem is also very powerful in the sense that we all need to continue moving forward in our lives. We cannot live our lives in the past. I like this selection because of its unique writing sytle. It is simple yet uses complex ideas from life and life's lessons.

1:23 AM  
Blogger Esther said...

When I first read this poem, it also seemed strange to me as well. However, while reading the poem over again, it started to make more sense. This poem is very interesting and captivates my mind to think about life in general. The concept of "moving" is an overall theme throughout the poem and the idea of "keeping things whole" represents as the reason for "moving." I think that this shows that in life, we must keep moving on, no matter what happens, therefore keeping our lives in one piece. I enjoyed the overall tone that the speaker conveys throughout the poem as well.

8:27 PM  

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