Monday, October 17, 2005

The Prediction
by:Mark Strand

That night the moon drifted over the pond,
turning the water to milk, and under
the boughs of the trees, the blue trees,
a young woman walked, and for an instant

the future came to her.
rain falling on her husband's grave, rain falling
on the lawns of her children, her own mouth
filling with cold air, strangers moving into her house,

a man in her room writing a poem, the moon drifting into it,
a woman strolling under its trees, thinking of death,
thinking of him thinking of her, and the wind rising
and taking the moon and leaving the paper dark.

This poem is very interesting and makes you think about life quite a bit. The whole thing, literally, is about a woman looking to the future and seeing her loved ones die, even seeing herself die. Afterward she sees someone in her house writing a poem about a woman thinking of death and thinking of him thinking of her...etc. As you can see it gets to a loop and this is where the complexity of the poem comes in. Within the loop though is a lot of imagery, especially on the death portion of the poem, the rain falling on her childrens graves. And also how her mouth was "filling with cold air". These scenes of death bring a cold chill to the poem. Its a cool concept to think about-that the author chose to write a poem of a woman in the past who thought of dying and thought of a man writing a poem about a woman who thought of dying..... At the end of all these mind twists the author ends the poem with a simple statement, "
taking the moon and leaving the paper dark." This ending is quite profound and is the only part of the poem that is not about either the man writing the poem or the woman thinking about the man writing the poem. The paper being dark could mean a multitude of things. I get a sense of completion when I read this line, almost as if this univers is somehow tied togeather in ways that we cannot possibly imagine. Its as if past and future are someow one.


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