Wednesday, October 19, 2005

mirage oases

Mirage Oases by Kay Ryan pg 531

First among places
susceptible to trespass
are mirage oases

whose graduated pools
and shaded grasses, palms
and speckled fishes give
before the lightest pressure
and are wrecked.

For they live
only in kingdom
of suspended wishes,

thrive only at our pleasure

This poem is basically giving us a wonderful way of thinking about a mirage. Mirages are an extreme representation of earth’s finest sceneries that occur when one is enduring an extremely dreadful situation. Kay Ryan describes it as the “first”. I interpreted this as mirages being formed somewhere inside our heads from the moment we are vulnerable. From the first thought of wish, for example, when crossing a desert with no water, the first thought of their being no water sparks the process of the mirage being formed. In the second stanza Ryan uses a very descriptive form of referring to mirages which gives the poem its feel. The palms and shaded grasses are universal to everybody’s exotic desires of places that we wish we were. Yet “they live…kingdom of suspended wishes” a place behind our reality, not because it can’t be real but because is very special. So a mirage is formed when our reality is no longer livable so our wishes form themselves and are easily destroyed with any awareness of reality. Ryan uses imagery here when he writes “give before the lightest pressure”, almost as if the mirage remained under all of our memory and mindset holding these up. So the Mirage will survive a long as our pleasure is satisfied and nothing else, like what’s real at the time, come across us.


Blogger Julie Mong said...

This poem has a beautiful connotation to it. It describes beauty in something not tangible. I like how you described that the mirage idea comes when we are in a desperate situation where things are not going as planned. The desert of course is always thought of as a harsh and deserted place but to have a mirage of an oasis in the middle of nowhere, what a pleasing scene!

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