Monday, October 03, 2005

It Is This Way with Men

It is This Way with Men

-C. K. Williams

They are pounded into the earth
like mails; move an inch,
They are driven down again.
The earth is sore with them.
It is a spiny fruit that has lost hope
of being raised and eaten.
It can only ripen and ripen.
And men, they too are wounded.
They too are sifted from their loss
and are without hope. The core
softens. The pure flesh softens and melts.
There are thorns, there are the
dark seeds, and they end.

The first thing that captured my attention was the imagery used by this poet within the first few lines. The dark yet vivid descriptions caught me by surprise. As I got into the poem itself I found that it held such powerful feelings, emotions. In this line from the poem, " pounded into the eat like nails" sounds as if the world just keeps dragging them down. The them could be society, could be worldly responsibilities. Yet whatever the negative force is in this poem, it inhabited these "men" in the story from being free, from having any will power. In reference to the spiny fruit, " has lost hope of being raise and eaten," in my opinion is a reference to the 'men' in this poem. They are not loved, not wanted, feel as though they have no purpose in life, and most of all they are lonely. It seems that these ' men' are only looked at like the spiny fruit, from the surface. As the fruit with its " pure flesh softens and melts" as do the positive spirits of the men. Then the poem goes to say that all that are left are thorns, dark seeds, and they end. I believe is poem is about people who are often, even under the rough, bitter, harsh or crude surface are neglected. They are not seen for the person they can be, but for what society see that they are. It is a poem about the overworked, lost, and hopeless who do not find their salvation for people ignore those they fear or feel inferior to.


Blogger brianne fong said...

The power of this poem is definitely felt. What I noticed first in this poem is that there seems to be a lot of parallels to the Bible. The main topic of man going into the earth is like Adam, and the words like "nails" and "thorns" really jumped out at me.

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