Tuesday, October 11, 2005

How I Left Michigan by Caley O'Dwyer

Every day,
the wind picked up and let out the snow.

Once, it took my sheets
and shirts

into the clouds. I followed them to Nebraska.
Sure, there was nothing there either,

and the people few
and oddly shaped -

I liked the way it felt
to dislike it there.

This poem gives me a strong sense of loneliness and loss of/search for identity from the speaker. I like it because it says so much by saying so little. It talks about the clothes (probably hanging on a line out his window?) and the wind, and the people in Nebraska, and through these images that the speaker sees, we can learn a lot about how the speaker feels being in these places. I feel that with this type of imagery, the speaker sets up his own version of reality very well, and relates that to the reader. I feel that through the nonchalant tone that this poem gives off, ("oh by the way, the wind blew away all my clothes and then I went to Nebraska, no big deal") somehow I feel that the speaker is really struggling to make something his own. Howver, in the end, gives us a sense that he is purposely not searching to be comfortable, because he wants to explore his own discomfort. I could be going too far here, but I felt like it was kindof like how some of us enjoy tragedy in our lives, even though normally we really shouldn't, because it makes us more well-rounded/experienced/jaded beings.


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I enjoy the simplicity of this poem as well. Even though it is very short and not too many words in the summation sense, the underlying meaning can still be so deep. I feel as if the speaker is trying to portray this sense of freedom throughout the poem. When he talks about the "wind" and the "clouds," I think of freedom and the ability to just be on my own. At the very end, when the speaker writes, "I liked the way it felt, to dislike it there," it seems as if there is a moment of hostility or anger. Just the word "dislike" kind of throws off the harmony of the poem from before.

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