Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Amor Vincit Omnia

Amor Vincit Omnia
- By Edgar Bower

Love is no more.
It died as the mind dies: the pure desire
Relinquishing the blissful form it wore.
the ample joy and clarity expire.

Regret is vain.
Then do not grieve for what you would efface,
The sudden failure of the past, the pain
Of its unwilling change, and the disgrace.

Leave innocence,
And modify your nature by the grief
Which poses to the will indifference
That no desire is permanent in the sense.

Take leave of me.
What recompense, or pity, or deceit
Can cure, or what assumed serenity
Conceal the moral loss which we repeat?

The mind will change, and change shall be relief.

The first thing that caught my eye this time was the title of the poem itself, " Amor Vineit Omina" which with any Spanish or other form of Latin would mean love of or my love Vineit Omnia. This is a poem of headache and the pain associated with a broken relationship. How suddenly a love can be ripped from your hands, how "quickly it expires" as the poet expresses. Or " the pain of unwilling change, or the disgrace" as in although one person in the relationship still has those feelings the other has moved on, forcing the other into the cold harsh world without his/her partner. When the poet discusses the " take leave of me" as in leave and do not come back because you pity me, do not repeat the same mistakes. The last line " the mind will change, and change shall be relief" shows the progression of the speaker from the early bitter stage to the more understanding and open individual. The speaker in the end is a more wiser, understanding person who might have matured from
this experience.


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