Saturday, October 01, 2005

Air: "The Love of a Woman" by Robert Creeley

The love of a woman
is the possibility which
surrounds her as hair
her head, as the love of her

follows and describes
her. But what if
they die, then there is
still the aura

left, left sadly, but
hovers in the air, surely,
where this had taken place?
Then sing, of her, of whom

it will be said, he
sang of her, it was the
song he made which made her
happy, so she lived.

This poem captured my eye because just by reading the title, it didn't make sense at all. However, after reading the title and understanding the context of the poem, it was easier to comprehend. I enjoyed this poem because of the different comparisons it uses to describe this "love" for a woman. For example, when the speaker talks about how "love" is like the hair that surrounds her head, meaning that it is everywhere, the comparison just shows how deep this love is. As this poem also compares air to the love of a woman, because the love is just found everwhere, it just shows how powerful this "love" can be. The poem continues saying in the literal sense that this "love" dies, then "he" should sing for her the song that made her happy so that she can live. To me, this is simply saying that he should still love her and keep the memory of her with him. This poem seems as if it is filled with emotions and how "he" feels for "her." The author, Rovert Creeley is known for his poems consisting of feelings and it is clearly shown throughout this poem.


Blogger John Park said...

I really liked this poem because it was about the allure and love of a woman and how it can't really be duplicated since there is just something about the love of a woman that can't be duplicated by the love of a man. I think I might have something to do with the fact that only women can bear children, and after that they take on the role of nurturer and they raise the child with their values and guidance.

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